Will my motherboard support this graphic card?

Z77M-D3H - motherboard
MSI GTX 760 OC Gaming - Graphic Card
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  1. Yes.

    -Wolf sends
  2. just be aware that the second pci-e is limited to x4 operation when the first slot is filled. so even though its advertised as sli complient its really only meant for 2 low end cards 2 high end 1s require x8+x8 pci-e support to ensure smooth operation.
    also no mention of your cpu. i hope its a quad core as thats minimum requirements for new AAA titles today.
  3. Okay thanks!! i'm not at my house computer now so i can't see what the other specs are.
  4. forgot to add do you have the required output from the psu... minimum recommended is 500w if its a pre built system its likely to only have 350-400w psu which will likely not be enough.
  5. The graphic card i want to replace is Radeon 7770 HD is it worth it?
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    yes as long as you can meet the prower requirements with the psu.
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