What GPU will have enough power at my 500W PSU

Hello,my current configuration:
ASUS Z87-K, Intel Core i7-4770K @ def clock (prob will be OC-d a bit (5-15%)) (Scythe Ninja 3 Rev B + Arctic Cooling MX-4), 2 x DDR3 8096 MB Corsair XMS CMX16GX3M2A1333C9, Seagate Barracuda ST2000VX000-1CU164 + Hitachi HDS721010CLA 1TB + Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA 2TB, XFX ATI Radeon HD5770 1024 MB, Samsung SyncMaster XL2370, ASUS XONAR ESSENCE STX, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, 3x120mm fans, Zalman GS-500
Here is some volts info

My gpu is old and slowly duying (actually it was bsoding all the way through all my experience owning it, it happens when i watch films once a month), i need a new one. I know that 5770 requires very low amount of power, so there might be troubles with any new one. Im aiming at 650/650ti, if it is possible. Maybe even 660. Ive done some calculations and i think there will be enough power to handle it at full load. Please help me in this difficult choice.

Also I will never OC my GPU.
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  1. So i saw there that GTX 660 Ti requires 450W. That means it will run at any configuration, even with 10 120mm fans, 10 usb devices, overclocked to 5 ghz 4770k, with just 450W PSU? That is why i wrote down my configuration. I used exactly that extreme power calculator before i asked this question, it tells me that i need 495 watt to run this. Is it trust-worthy? Will my PSU handle this?
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    The PSU you currently have does not seem terrible. I would run it with the new GPU, if you have problems then replace it.
  3. Budget?
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