Is ram reusable on any mother board??

im currently running 6gb of ocz ram and i wanna swap it out cuz ima upgrade my mother board ive heard ocz is dead and the ram i have is optimized for x58 so idk if will be any good on my new board. i wanted to get some corsair but there is a bunch of diff kind idk if they are all compatable with any motherboard or only on specific im currently using an evga x58 sli with the 1366 socket i7 cpu and im running 6gb of ram triple channel. i wanted to replace that ram with something better ive heard the gskill is good but im not quite sure what brand to get i want something that i can use on my evga mother board and on the new one im going to get later on any ideas??
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    Yes your DRAM will work on other mobos and also yes on GSkill, it's about the best DRAM available today
  2. kool thanks man
  3. No worries, let us know how things go ;)
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