Dual Monitor with this setup?

I have a Dell 3521 laptop with one HDMI port and an Intel HD 4000 display. I was wondering how would I go about having two 'extended' displays. One of my monitors have a vga and dvi and the other one has HDMI, vga, and dvi. For one of them, I can connect with HDMI but what should I do for the other? I've read that you can get a usb to vga and will it work with that?

Please Help!! Thanks!!
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  1. You can only use 2 monitors to display at any one time.
    For example the laptop monitor and one other monitor.
    Or 2 separate monitors and then the laptop monitor disables.
  2. yes that is what I plan to do (laptop screen off, and 2 monitors on). So would my setup me ok then? one monitor with HDMI and other with usb to vga?
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    Wait, so that laptop does not have a VGA port at all? Only HDMI?

    USB to VGA almost never works.
  4. Yes. Just 1 HDMI port...

    what other options are there then?
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