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using 280x. sometimes my fps will reach about 40-50 . is it normal? playing on 1080p with amd gaming evolved app set to performance
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  1. Yeah what settings what specs let me guess and CPU?
  2. i5 2400.

    i using the application performance settings from amd gaming evolved application
  3. Yeah thats normal for those specs that CPU is decent but not great in today's next gen games.
  4. I'd only agree with you if you said a SB/IB i3 is not great for upcoming games

    The i5 2400 is still a good CPU for gaming (about on par with the i5-4430 which is no slouch), and is certainly up to the task for "next gen" gaming

    Depending on your settings, if you have AA and some other demanding options enabled, 40-50FPS sounds normal
  5. Sandy bridge can handle next gen but it does a lot better overclocked which the 2400 cant
  6. Even at fixed speeds the 2400 is still a good performer, the i5-4430 is a good gaming CPU and you're not gonna be OC'ing that either
  7. Yeah the 4430 is 30% faster then the 2400
  8. You'd probably have to resort to tweaking the settings yourself for better results, dipping to 40FPS during an intense 64 player match is nothing out of the extraordinary

    Technically you could play around with the turbo clocks of the 2400 and bump it up by 400MHz

    Sadly I can't find any gaming benchmarks with both CPUs to compare except for Crysis 2 and Mafia 2 from TomsHW

    Much faster for Encryption but not necessarily games,3176.html?prod%5B6330%5D=on&prod%5B5763%5D=on

    If it's based on synthetic benchmarks, the 4430 is only marginally quicker

    The i5 2400 wouldn't be the problem here since it will definitely not be bottlenecking a 280x, either a driver or a game issue if the framerate is lower than others with the same GPU
  9. so its a bottleneck ?
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    No it wouldn't be, if you're on ultra settings with AA then 40-50FPS would be understandable

    Apparently the newer patches and drivers should help boost performance, updating your drivers would be a nice idea if you haven't already
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