can i plug my router to my 360 will it work on xbox live?

hey guys, i'm new to networking and stuff. i have a Xbox 360, and i have a router and modem in the center of my house. and every time i play online with my friends. my Nat type is strict, or moderate. its never been open and i lag out and crash like every game or every other game. and i'm thinking about getting a router to put in my room. and i was wondering if i plugged my router into the wall,and plug it into my 360. will it let me play online with better connection. or if i plug it into the wall will it connect to my modem without plugging it into my modem.? and if i can what routers are good? (in the 19.99 to 29.99 price range) thanks.
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  1. That is a port issue on your router, I had the same issue at home myself.

    If you are using a cable to connect to your router then most likely you don't need to buy a new one. Even if the router you have now is simple it does have 100Mbps ports. The Xbox 360 has 100Mbps port also, so a new router with Gbit ports will not make it work any faster. If on the other hand you connect over wireless, it all depends on the signal strength you get in your room.

    This is a port forwarding issue so a few ports need to be forwarded on your router.

    If you have no networking knowledge it may be a bit complicated but it isn't that hard.

    Check this out, it should solve your issue:
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