Notebook in infinite boot loop

I have an Acer Travelmate 7750,
and the laptop is refusing to boot.
When pressing the power button, the Acer logo pops up, with an option (F2)
to go into the BIOS. After that, you can see that the laptop is looking for something to boot from,
and just reboots, and starts off with the Acer logo again.
Note: the laptop boots from the DVD-drive.

The steps I have allready taken:
- Cleaned out the notebook
- Flashed the BIOS
- Replaced the motherboard battery
- Replaced the hard drive with a new one

The problem occurs with battery and with net power.
A solution I've read on the Acer forums is to let the notebook bootloop until the battery is empty,
but this was no solution to me.

So booting from the DVD isn't a problem, I managed to install Windows 7 with ease, but as soon as the first reboot needs to happen, it get's stuck in this infinite loop.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Update: After taking out the hard drive and trying to boot, i actually get the warning that i need to insert a boot disk.
    So my guess is the hard drive isn't being fully recognised, but it is listed in the BIOS.
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