Sapphire 7870 Flex, Catalyst does not save settings

i have a sapphire 7870 flex, i have 3 monitors in Eyfinity mode and 1 40" TV in extended desktop mode, in this connections (from monitor to card):
1st: DVI to Active DP adapter
2nd: HDMI to DVI
3rd: HDMI to DVI
TV extended desktop: HDMI to HDMI

every time i restart or start the PC, the settings are lost and the 1st monitor doesn't working, the only solution is to unplug and replug the active DP adapter to the 7870, set again the Catalyst settings from scratch (eyfinity, etc..) and rearrange the desktop icons and windows 7 gadgets...

any ideas?
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  1. you probably disabled amd services...enable it again
  2. how??? :P
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