good replace for xfx 5970 2gb be

i want to sell my graphic card and looking or a good replace around 350-400$
i prefer new models like R9 series and i want to know if hd 7000 series or R9 series still have (display stopped working and recovered ) problem and if brands are related to this problem or not
and according to this article :,3107-7.html whats your opinion about r9 280x or gtx 770
and what anout SLI or CF?

MB: Asus P8P67
CPU: Corei7 2600k (4.7 Ghz OC) with Antec Kuhler 620
RAM: 2*4gb Geil enhanced corsa 1600
VGA: XFX 5970 2GB BE
PSU: 1500w Thermaltake
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    If I was you I would wait a month for third party manufacturers R9 290(X). They are unbeatable for the price, but the reference designs are unbearably loud.

    Other than that I'd get a GTX770 if you're in a hurry.
  2. tnx for the reply
    i guess i'll wait a more longer for brands then
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