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I disabled Intel (HD) Graphics on Windows 8.1 now I get no display

Hey there. I was recently playing Path of Exile, and whilst roaming among the Video settings, I came across the option to change Graphics Devices or such. When I read what was selected, it said Intel HD Graphics. I thought this was odd, due to the fact of me having put a GTX 660 TI in the system. I looked through some things, and thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that if I disabled the Intel HD Graphics then the system would default the graphics device to the GTX 660 TI, and it would be fine. Unfortunately, it was not so, and now I get no display on my monitor. Did I dun a massive goof, or is there something I can do that won't involve going to a computer shop, or do I need to see a professional?
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    The monitor cable should be connected to the GTX 660 Ti, not the motherboard.
    Do you have the PCI-E power connected to the graphics card?

    If this is not your issue, you can get back to where you started by reverting your BIOS to default settings.
    Search your motherboard manual for "CMOS".
    There should be a jumper that will clear the cmos.
    The computer must be off when you do this.
    Short the jumper and then open it again before starting the computer.
  2. Thanks friend :D
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