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What kind of build would be required to run the latest directx 11 games at all ultra settings and vsync on in the highest resolution in gaming running atleast a stable 60FPS? CPU, GPUs, RAM, etc... general question here, no budget involved. i was looking up benchmarks for the new 780 ti and i noticed (obviously) the higher the resolution over 1080, the lower the frames dropped. would, possibly, a second 780 ti double the FPS? or 3 780 ti's in SLI triple the FPS?
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  1. With two-way SLI you never get exactly double the performance the same goes for three-way SLI, at the moment the 780ti is the best gaming gpu there is, so the best bet would be a couple or 780ti's in SLI, as in SLI I believe that they could handle games in 4k resolution with above 30fps
  2. This is what I run:

    Runs BF4, Bioshock Infinite, and Metro Last Light over 60 FPS (80-100 depending on game). This is with all settings on Ultra (antialiasing and all that PhysX eye candy too) with 1080 resolution selected and using a single monitor. With Vsync turned on, all of these games play like butter with only some minor issues with BF4 online play which is predominantly due to the latest update that was released.

    For those latest resolutions you are probably going to be ok running 2 780Ti's in SLI, but you will not be hitting 60FPS at 4K:,23.html . You would start to see diminishing returns running 3-way SLI.

    Based on the Guru3D stats, it seems that running crossfire r9 290X's would be a better route for such a high resolution. Unfortunately, those cards run hotter than hell right now with reference cooling (not to mention they sound like a jet engine under loads). I would highly recommend going with an aftermarket cooler if you go this route.

    Hope this helps some.
  3. and what about CPU and RAM?
  4. Cpu I would go for a i7 4770k, as models after this tend to go up in price by the £100's and this is a very good cpu and not too bad for overclocking.
  5. The Intel i7 is generally acknowledged as the the best processor out there right now. If you have a completely unlimited budget, the i7-3960X or the i7-4960X. However, if you want to keep it cheaper, the i7-3770K is a perfectly reasonable option. It is Ivy Bridge, but it seems that you will see diminishing returns regarding the performance of Haswell compared to Ivy Bridge. Also, if you overclock the -3770K, you'll get incredible performance. You will definitely need a really good cooling solution, though.

    For RAM, I'd recommend either Corsair Vengeance or G-Skill Ripjaws RAM. They are both highly regarded among computer memory manufacturers. 16 GB should easily be enough, but if you want to go all-out, 32 GB and 64 GB are both viable options. Just make sure your motherboard can handle that much RAM.
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    Balls to the Walls example:

    More manageable, but still powerful example:

    Both of these are pretty bare bones: no case or hard drive included and no peripherals.
  7. oOSlushyOo said:
    Balls to the Walls example:

    More manageable, but still powerful example:

    Both of these are pretty bare bones: no case or hard drive included and no peripherals.

    i wonder how well the balls to the wall one will handle CNC programmind and 3d part modeling
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