GTX 560 Triple Monitor Setup Questions.


I was wondering whether two GTX 560's would be able to handle three 23" monitors with each of them running at 1920x1080?

I currently have one of these and i intend to buy another if the setup would work well.

I intend to use the setup to play games on medium settings,

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  1. Depends on the games, but my guess would be it wouldn't run very well. I had3 SLI'd GTX 580s on a 5760x1080 setup and it struggled in most games at that resolution.
  2. Do you know of any cards that could handle that resolution, be playable and run well at med-high settings?

    My budget is around £200.

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    Not at that budget. You are going to want a card with 3Gb or more vram. The biggest bottleneck on my 580's seemed to be the lack of vram as they were only the 1.5Gb cards. I now run 2 4gb 770's and it did much better with the 3 monitors. For a single card config Something like a GTX 780 or R9-290 should be able to play most games at that res on medium to high settings.
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