Windows 7 System Monitor Goes Blank During Boot


I searched the forums and saw similar problems but none that matched my particulars.

My son and I assembled new system using the following components:

Rosewill THOR V2-White Edition Case
GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD3H ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core i5-4430 Haswell
GIGABYTE GV-N770OC-2GD GeForce GTX 770 Video Card
Windows 7

An HP display is attached to the graphics card via HDMI. Things work as they should until Windows loads the drivers for the graphics card. Once it does, the system will start then the monitor goes blank through the rest of startup. There is HD activity, fans are on, etc. and it appears windows is continuing its boot sequence. Just a blank display though this part, however.

If we roll back the driver to the standard VGA ones, things work well again (boots to the desktop). Besides the Windows driver for the NVIDIA card, I have tried three others from the NVIDIA site (320, 326.8 and 331.65, the most recent one).

I have tried disabling the on-board graphics through the BIOS, but that didn't make any difference.

I have tried removing and reseating the graphics card, and removing and reconnecting the cables from the card to the power supply.

I would try connecting the monitor to the computer with something besides HDMI, but it appears the HP monitor only has an HDMI and a VGA connector.

So, we are at a loss on a solution.

Any thoughts from the experts?


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  1. I wanted to provide an update to my problem. After not being able to solve this, I decided to return the graphics card to the vendor (Newegg), and purchase another card (an ASUS R9270X-DC2T-2GD5). I installed the new card and installed the drivers, and everything works as it should.

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