Why is this Sapphire R9 270x so cheap?

The SAPPHIRE 100364-4GBF4L is a R9270x but sports double the ram at nearly the same price than all the other R9 270x cards with 2GB memory.
Can anyone solve this mystery or knows more about it?
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  1. Linky?
  2. I believe they have lower clock speeds and less cores and get very hot.
  3. It's put on the market to compete/sell, price/performance is what this card attacks, also it was said to support mantle, but it hasn't come out yet, so that lowers the price slightly too. It's still a very good card; i happen to have the r9 270x gigabyte tri-cooler edition.
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    It's just aggressively priced, but not so much in my opinion. For this card to shine, you need two as it doesn't make much sense to have only one for multimonitor solutions where the extra 2GB will be useful. For only $20 less than the GTX760 I prefer the latter for 1080p.
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