500-600 dollar pc build or upgrade?

Im looking for a new gaming pc mine is a bit out dated. mine right now is an acer, i7 870 4GB ram 300W powersupply. came with a nvidia GT320 and i "upgraded" to a 6570 which now gets worse performance than the GT320 did. So im curious if i should spend 500-600 on a new pc(excluding monitor speaker keyboard and mouse) or if i should just upgrade my current one.. the only thing i would want to keep is probably the hard drive, maybe the ram and also the case if i kept the acer. i only play Black ops 1 GTA 4 and gta 5 when it comes out and also minecraft. i dont expect to play gta 5 on max settings for 500. I want dedicated graphics and preferably a 64 GB SSD
Thanks for the help in advance :)
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    This is the build i just put together for a friend.
    I highly recommend any part in this build, as they are some of the best for the price. If you want, you can substitute the hard drive for a SSD and keep and one from your laptop.
  2. Maybe you should sell your current pc for about 200-300$, i don't know how the prices are in your country for used pc's. Then add that 500-600, and you have 800-900$ for new pc. Now we are talking about good gamer pc
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