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Hello, i live in Portugal for a long time now, my internet is kind of slow but it does the job for my needs. I get around 310kB/s download speed and 30kB/s upload.

The thing is i like to play CS:S quite a bit with my friends, mostly on the evenings and afternoons. No issues during the afternoon, no1 else than me is actualy using the internet, as soon as my mother comes home she starts playing those small facebook games like puzzles, and i dont want to turn the internet off or anything because i can't play, everytime someone in the house loads a website or anything the ping spikes alot. I thought it could have been using the whole bandwidth all at once in 1 second to load a certain page making me lag so i tried installing NetLimiter on each computer.

I limited each computer to 15 upload and 100download (kB) for testing, the only thing that did was actualy lower the actual ping spike, but make it last longer, in other words
instead of 700ms for 4 seconds it would be 400 for 6 for example.

pinging to without a single bit of usage on my internet doesnt show any problems with the line or anything, it was completely fine. just happens when someone acesses the internet.

I opened up a youtube video , started pinging to my router, and didnt show any signs of lag there, always <1, also scanned my pc with avg, malware bytes(only found popups but didnt help at all with removing them)

basicaly i get ping spikes everytime theres some kind of internet usage like website loading, downloading, and even uploading.

Is there anything i could do?
Thanks for reading and sorry for the wall of text hehe

EDIT: forgot to mention, i have a adb router that doesnt seem to have qos settings or anything like that, and second thing is, even if
im the only one using the internet, i open a website and ping spikes on the command prompt ( ping
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  1. Well, what you may want to do is run a speed test on your Internet connection, & compare the listed speed (usually in Mbps or kbps -- Megabits/kilobits per second) to the speed your ISP is supposed to be providing. If it's not at least at 90% of the rate & service quality, there might be something they can check on (wiring issues at or to the house, issues in the local node, etc.).

    If the service quality for the regular connection is good, then there's not much you can really do to avoid ping spikes. That's the downside of having a lower-speed connection shared between multiple devices: if everyone's on the Internet at the same time, then everyone's going to have a slower connection.

    Unless you're willing to limit your online game sessions to when you have exclusive access to the Internet, you may want to look into paying for a faster connection. More bandwidth to the house means that when it's split between multiple devices each one gets a bigger share.
  2. Speedtest:

    Well the thing is that would be beneficial is qos, and i am pretty sure there isnt any issues with the wiring because the ping is completely fine when no1 else is using the internet.
    I've limited other people to a third of the speed so that everyone can have a third of the internet. Thing is, the router doesn't seem to be able or good enough to keep quality with multiple users .

    Doesn't seem that the size of the "share" actualy matters, well if it was very big then thats diferent, but is there anything that does the same as qos? i dont seem to find anything on my router that could keep the ping from fluctuating with multiple users on.

    Sorry if this is slightly confusing , im just a little sleepy hehe. No1 downloads in this house, its just minor things like a facebook game refreshing itself, someone opening news website and still minor things like that make the ping spike.

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