What is better for gaming, the GTX 650 Ti or AMD HD 7770

For gaming needs, what is better - just between these 2 cards i do not want comments suggesting others. *med - high settings on games-

i5 4440 CPU
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    If you can stretch your budget a little bit, the 650-Ti "Boost" edition offers a lot more performance. The "Boost" version is based on the same technology as the 660 and therefore performs very close to it.
  2. The gtx 650 ti is better than the HD 7770 and it is more expensive. For this money you can get also a r7 260x with the new technology and it will blast the gtx 650 ti away.
  3. 650 Ti
  4. Thought the 7770 PC comes with 8GB RAM, The GTX 650 Ti comes with 4GB Corsair vengance RAM,

    The decisions D:
  5. Looks ok but the GPU could be better and you can achieve a better setup when somebody suggests you a system in parts.
  6. OK so you're looking for a computer and not simply a card?
  7. The core i5 system is worser, general problem with pre-made systems.
  8. So you rec the six core system?
  9. Slightly yes, it has a better GPU which is also not that good but better than the HD 7770.
  10. Personally, I'd go with the i5 system. Simply because the i5 is a better gaming CPU. The 7770 is also an ok card for gaming (but obviously not as good as the R7 260x). The main thing is, you can easily change the card along the way, let's say in a year or two if you need more performance. A CPU is a lot harder to replace since you usually need to change the motherboard because of socket compatibility.

    For these reasons, I'd go with the system that has the best CPU, with the idea that the video card can easily be replaced at a later time. And it's not as if the 7770 was a bad card, it will be able to play any game at medium settings, and even high settings in some.

    But of course, if you could find an i5 system that has a R7 260x for the same price it would be ideal. ;)
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