LED Monitor: What is your preferred size and how do you choose one?

As the title suggests, I'd like to know your preferred size when gaming on a desk and how do you choose one? Just pick the cheapest one to your preferred size?
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  1. No, you need to know how they work ok? i'll explain: MS(best is 1) MS is the responce time that means, with 1, you will not get any blurring or lag from the monitor. Depending on what your gpu supports get a 1080p, or higher. (suggest 1080p) go for a 16:9 aspect ratio(standard for games/movies) I prefer a 27" moniter. The colors on them should be 1,000,000:1 or higher. (more vibrant colors) I hope that helped
  2. I go by price and the finer the dot pitch the better. I buy a new one every 3 years and go for one in the $500-700 range. My first was an NEC 15" CRT that could do 1280X1024 with a .27 dot pitch. My current one is a year and a half old HP 27" QHD. We'll see what is in my price range in 18 months. It could be a 28" 3K monitor for all I know right now. So, my priorities are in this order: price/budget range, size, dot pitch. I think a lot of people use the same criteria.
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    I have Dell 24" - full hd and LG 25" - full hd 3D. There is no point buying 30" on same 1920x1080 like my 25".
    Size depends on your space and distance for viewing. If you have space go with 3x27" for surround vision.

    1) Response time counts as well but technicaly under 4ms is impossible (you need to be as fast as possible)!
    They advertise gray-2-gray... which is half time from black-2-white: so 2ms gtg = 4ms btw.

    2) Contrast counts... they give dinamic one... just to have higher numbers.

    3) Then there are I/O ports: DVI and HDMI (and if you have - DisplayPort) is a must!

    4) Other improvements - like 3D, usb ports for easy access, tilt/rotate panel, etc..

    5) Price.

    6) Manufacturer: Eizo, iiyama, dell, benq, samsung, lg, asus. Aoc, Vizio (named randomly not in specific order).

    7) Panel type: TN / IPS
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