Will my PSU support a second video card??

My current power supply is the Corsair TX650 v2 (

My current video card is the Asus R9 290 (

Does my current power supply have enough connections that I can a second video card the Asus R9 270x? (

Is there any possibly way I can add this second video card using adapters or something or do I have to upgrade my power supply to one with more PCI connectors?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    The R9 290 consumes the following power:
    Idle power consumption: 87W
    Load power consumption: 381W

    I think you need a better power supply to be safe.

    As for the connector: It has only 2X75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express power connector but you can get adapters for more.
  2. No. Get something like an 850W or better.
  3. 650watt is not enough for dual video cards. You should buy at least, I would say, 750watt, 850watt is recommended. You'll need to buy a psu with 3x6pin and 1x8pin PCI-E connectors.
    R9 290=6+8pin
    R9 270x DC2T=6+6pin
  4. you will need to upgrade your psu

    also i don't understand why you are adding 2 different cards.
  5. When a gpu says that it needs (W++) that is for the whole system. With the "titan killer" it is pretty demandive, get a 800+ psu
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