could my system run eyefinity

hi i was thinking about setting up eyefinity on my desktop but didnt know if it could handle it. happy if you can help

processor ; amd fx 4100 12.0 mb cache 3.6 ghz
ram ; two 4gb kingston 1333 mhz
graphics card ; asus hd 7770 2gb gddr5
and running windows 8

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  1. It can do it, but only on older games really, wont have the power to do newish games.
  2. thanks would adding another graphics card help play newer games ?
  3. g13nnyyy said:
    thanks would adding another graphics card help play newer games ?

    I didn't realize you double-posted your thread. Anyway, just to answer this question, it would work but it won't help much. Your best bet is to just get a more powerful graphics card by itself. Crossfiring two lower-end cards would be a waste of time if your end goal is really Eyefinity.
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    To be honest, to do it well in modern games I would want the following as a minimum from your spec:
    CPU upgraded to FX6300 (2 more cores, and the piledriver architecture is much better)
    8Gb Ram
    2x 7850 or 270x, or a single 290x

    I would see this as a minimum for nicely playable eyefinity, you can of course do it with less, but the performance and/or graphics quality will be worse.
  5. ^Agree with the setup you have now the only thing you could really do would be to run 3 monitors in a extended desktop but not for gaming at all really.

    For a good Eyefinity setup you really need to go Crossfire/SLI for most any GPU do to the amount of data that has to pass to the monitors there is not any real way around that. And the HD 7770 you have would not really gain anything from Crossfire it is just to far on the low side to benefit from it.

    That said if you are not setting a Eyefinity up for gaming it would work OK for 3 independent monitors. Just remember that one of the monitors must be on a DisplayPort or Active DisplayPort Adapter.
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