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i used msi z87-g43 gaming..already installed it and use default bios setting..never change anything..i set my pc will sleep after 1 hour idle, but as i knew, when we hit any button on keyboard or move the mouse while the pc is sleep, it will automatically wake up..but my pc not..i need to press switch on button, and turning on process took so long, till i have to press any button on keyboard to make it we know, if we waking up pc from sleep, it should be quick than booting from shut down..and when i shut down my pc, after a few hour i want to turn it on, my monitor's led keep blinking, and i need to push restart button, then it will on.. please help me :)
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  1. I suspect that you have a power supply that isn't haswell ready? did you reuse an old supply or buy one that wasn't made for haswell?
  2. First try a different monitor, if the problem persists, then try to update BIOS of MB.
  3. i use extreme psu cooler master 500watt, isnt it support for haswell?
  4. Yes HASWELL compatible.
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    Sleep mode eventually leads to Hibernation mode which saves the current desktop into a file to 'load' when turned on. to put everything back the way it was. Sleep mode is only meant for a couple hours not 'while you sleep' (i.e. 8 hours).

    I would just disable sleep / hibernation mode if this is a desktop. Click the power icon in the tray and select more power options > click on Hide additional plans and select HIGH PERFORMANCE. The go through ALL the options on the left side of the panel and set the computer to how you like it to respond.
  6. just now., i used pc not laptop..before i change my mobo, my sleep and on mode running ok and din have any problem..after i changed to msi mobo as i mentioned on my post, it it anything we need to set in BIOS?
  7. Yes you can take a chance by updating the BIOS, as I already mentioned it.
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