Help! My power supply 24 pin wont fit in my mobo

I have a msi 970a-g46 motherboard and a corsair cx600 powersupply buy i cant connect the 24 pin into the mobo! There is a latch that looks like it is supposed to snap into place but i cant get the connector in that far. I lined up everything but it doesnt want to fit in
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  1. Whoah that's strange. Tried reversing it?
  2. Still wont fit in :/
  3. Look carefully at the holes and pins.
    Some will be round on part, and others will be square.
    They must match up exactly.
    The latch on the psu cable should be on the side of the motherboard socket where there is a locking ridge.

    Usually, this connection is a tight fit.
    Make certain that everything is aligned before you push down.
    I often have a problem removing the 24 pin connector later.
  4. I can see that all the shapes match up together its just wayyyy too hard to push in and it looks like one of the pins on the 24 pin connector is missing, is that supposed to be like that?
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    Yes it's supposed to be like that, one pin has nothing inside. Try checking the silver contact bro, I bet that's the one blocking the holes on your mobo.
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