BSOD after logon, CPU Idle high

So yesterday my desktop wasn't starting up (powering on for a few seconds, then shutting off, no display)

Anyway, I fixed the issue by re-seating the CPU/heatsink and now it powers up fine, however right after you log into Windows a BSOD shows up. When it restarts it boots into the BIOS and the CPU climbs to about 75 celcius, so I assume the BSOD is showing up from a CPU overheat problem.

Only problem is is that with the side case off there is no warm air coming from the heatsink assembly. I have assured that the heatsink is fastened tightly, not sure if maybe there is a temperature sensor issue?

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  1. Did you reapply Thermal Paste?
  2. I didn't, do you think that could of caused such a huge spike in temperature though?
  3. It might. What CPU Cooler do you have?
  4. YES! CPU's need thermal paste between the IHS and heatsink. Not using thermal paste or using to much thermal paste can lead to overheating.
  5. I know that thermal paste has to be there, this is the stock thermal paste that was there with the stock Intel heatsink
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    Yes but if you separate the heatsink from the CPU you need to clean off the old thermal paste and re-apply it. If you just stick the heatsink back onto the old thermal paste it will cause overheating.
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