Windows 7 64bit Partition Data Migration from RAID 1 to SSD

Hello, I apologize if this has already been answered elsewhere but I have not been able to find the answer. The short version of my question is, what is a partition data migration software that will successfully move data from RAID 1 drives to a SSD?

Let me lay the foundation of my situation.

Relevant Hardware Info:
EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard
2x Caviar Green 2TB Drives
2x Caviar Black 1TB Drives
1x Toshiba 512GB HDTS251XZSWA SSD
1x IO Crest SATA III 4-Port PCI-e 2.0 x 2 Card

Relevant Software Info:
Windows 7 Professional 64Bit
NTI Echo

My setup is as follows, the 2x Caviar Blacks are in a RAID 1 and the 2x Caviar Greens are in a RAID 1. The 2x Caviar Blacks have been partitioned into a 200GB partition and a 731GB partition. The 200GB partition is the drive I have Windows installed on. The 731GB partition holds mostly user installed programs. The 2x Caviar Green drives are not partitioned thus show up as 1.81TB drive. All these drives are plugged into my motherboard's SATA plugs and use the onboard RAID controller.

Image Showing RAID Config

Image Showing Partitions

So I recently purchased a Toshiba SSD which came with a software called NTI Echo. I installed the SSD into my last remaining SATA slot on my motherboard and it showed up fine in Windows. Then I used the software to clone my C partition onto the SSD. Note, I only want to migrate my C partition, the entire drive would be too large (1TB > 512GB). The software reboots my computer and loads a version of Linux to do the data migration. The data migration takes about 30 minutes. Then the computer turns off. When I boot it back up, I am able to load into the SSD just fine.

At this point you must be wondering, so whats the problem? Well, if I turn off my computer or reboot it, it no longer loads properly. The load process stops around when the Windows icon is forming on the screen. It gives a really quick bluescreen error (which I cannot read because it is really a faction of a second) then reboots the computer. Note, I can still boot into my old partitions just fine, just the SSD has the loading error.

When I go into my BIOS it labels the SSD with a RAID prefix. So I thought that might be the problem, so I got a SATA card and plugged my SSD into that. Now my BIOS labels the SSD with the prefix IDE. So I try the whole process again, booting into my old Caviar Black RAID partition and running the data migration again. However, I get the same issue. It always boots up fine the first time, but then blue screens on bootup every single subsequent time.

Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have a good solution? I am willing to buy some software if it will migrate properly. Otherwise, I guess I will just fresh install Windows on my SSD and live with it.
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  1. It sounds like you need to make the ssd a single drive raid1 in your raid controller firmaware as the existing installation is a raid1.

    edit - You May get away with changing the port type to AHCI. since AHCI is a subset of raid. I would try it first if your motherbd allows you to set (some of) the ports individually.
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