Cooler Master TX3 Evo Or Hyper 212 evo for CPU

Hello toms hardware i want to know which is better the coolermaster tx3 evo or the hyper 212 evo for cooling a amd athlon X4 750k on a fm2+ motherboard
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  1. cooler master hyper 212 evo is better than tx3. however, 212 evo is taller and generally bigger, so make sure your case can fit it.
  2. thanks i have a zalman z3 plus
  3. with stock heatsink i am running at 50 degrease when using chrome
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    zalman's website says 192mm width, but not how much of that is for cooler clearance. for the hyper 212 evo, you need at least 160mm clearance. on the other hand, the hyper tx3 evo is a safe bet for fitment (although i think you might be able to find better coolers compatible with your case). it's difficult for me to guesstimate because i don't know how high the case's mobo spacers are .. or how much space zalman reserved for cabling at the back of the mobo tray. sorry i can't give you a solid answer on this.
  5. i see that you bought an athlon 750k, that's an unlocked cpu (may be you had o.c. in mind?). if you o.c., the tx3 will not be adequate as it is smaller, and the fan(s) will get louder to dissipate the extra heat.
    a more expensive closed loop liquid cooler might be more suitable for overclocking, like corsair h75/h80i. amd overclockers will be able to provide better adviceon this.
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