Asus Z87-K Bios problem

I have just completed my first build and everything seems to be fine so far!

Fine that is apart from the bios !

The AI suite was very unstable and causing all kinds of problems, it seems I am not the only one, after reading around the forums, so I decided to uninstall and control via bios ver 0801
This at least enables all fans to run,

However, when I change bios qfan profiles for cpu cooler and case fans, from Standard/Silent/Turbo there is no change whatsoever in fan speed, this is what I need to resolve, as I need to be able to run as quiet as possible.

I noticed there is a bios update, but having read a few horror stories about asus bios updates im reluctant to flash, also there is no mention on the update that it addresses fan issues
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  1. Make sure you are running the latest UEFI version and AI Suite version if you wish to use the software (both can be found on the download page for the board). If you go looking for negative stories on just about anything you will find them - that's how the internet works.

    If the fans you have connected to the CPU fan header are 3 pin then set the header to ""advanced" in UEFI to control DC fans. The CPU_OPT header will only control 4 pin fans so you'll have to use a chassis fan header if you're using two 3-pin CPU cooler fans.
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