Need to know if graphics card is compatible with new PC

Hello, I bought this prebuilt PC a month ago and it's doing just fine. Games work well but I'd like to be able to play them at 1080p 60FPS. I was wondering if this card would do that, and if it's compatible with my PC.

Card: EVGA - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card

My PC:
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  1. Well, the system has a discrete card and most botique builders don't solder in their PCs, so I'm prety sureyoucan swap out the 7750 for a 760 :D
  2. Hi,

    it should be compatible but it is hard to know if you have a open slot for it.
    In the description, I can't find the mobo descritopn or anything

    on the website description, I found
    Available Expansion Slots
    1 PCI Express 2.0 x1

    For digital cameras and digital audio players: Slots that allow the addition of a removable memory card, such as Secure Digital or CompactFlash, to increase storage capacity.

    For computers: Slots on the motherboard that accept sound cards, video cards, memory and other upgrade cards.

    So it should, but also you need a good 500w PSU minimum to run the card properly.
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    Green123 said:
    But is the power supply enough? And will the 760 allow me to play at 1080p with 60FPS? From this listing, it looks like it has a 600 W PSU, I don't know the efficiency certification, so that's on the shady side, but at face value, it could power a system with a 760.

    Well, it depends on the game, the 760 is mostly derived from the 670 which was a helluva performer a year or so ago. It could max out a lot of games on 1080p, but the gaming world hasmoved on ever since and has added more demanding titles ever since.

    Here, check this review out:
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