Hooking up 2 modems to the same DSL link?

So my question is fairly simple:
Can i hook up 2 seperate Modem's to the same DSL link?
My reason for asking this is because i own 2 modems(I won't go into why) and I have a desktop computer and 2 laptops in my house right now, i am about to build a new desktop, and place it upstairs. Now my internet setup being downstairs i'd rather not have to run a LAN cable upstairs. So i was wondering if i could just use a 2nd modem upstairs(i do have phone line ports upstairs)it would be so much easier. Anyway thanks for taking your time to read this, and thank you much more if you have an answer(preferably a positive one of course) ;)
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  1. That's a question more for your service provider, but as I understand it, you cannot connect a second modem to your service without paying for a second (virtual) line.

    -Wolf sends
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    No you can't.

    Your ISP serves you up one and only one IP address. That is given to the first modem connected. And generally, the ISP needs to know the MAC address of that modem.

    A second modem would require special arrangements ($$) with your ISP
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