Low cpu temps. on haswell

Hi guys
I built my new rig 3 weeks ago and I have very low temps. I run a Haswell i7 4770K and a Cooler master 212 EVO, so my idle temp. is 20-25 and when its load doesn't go above 35,so I decided to make a small oc to 4,2Ghz and I got just +2 Celsius in both idle and load (22-27 and 37). Also after running prime95 for 3 hours max temp was 55C. is there a possibility that my sensor is reading bad temps? Cause it seems very low as I read that most of ppl have high temps with the cpu.

Case: Cooler Master 912 HAF+
Motherboard: MSI Z87 G45 Gaming
CPU: Haswell Intel i7 4770K
GPU: MSI GTX780 Gaming
SSD: SanDisc 128GB

Thanks in advance!
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    You have a pretty good ventilating case and a good cooler, those temps don't sound impossible. I would keep on keeping on and hope you hit the silicon lottery ;P
  2. Not all chips will act the same, some will be hotter, some won't be able to overclock much, you probably have a good chip that runs cool.

    Plus if you have good airflow then you will have good temps.
  3. What software are you using?
  4. @supahos+jay_nar2012 does the case airflow influence on the temperature?

    @1114 I run Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    Also in BIOS temps are around 30-32c
  5. Temp monitoring software, windows is irrelevant.
  6. Ambient or room temp also plays in, if in a cool room it helps keep temps down, but sounds like you have a good chip, throw another temp monitoring program on there to take a look at what it shows, something like CoreTemp (free)
  7. Yes, airflow affects temperature of every component in the PC, even ambient room temperature affects the temperature of your PC.
  8. Where are you seeing those numbers, what program are you running?
    What is the room temperature?

    Can't really answer the question without these two things.
  9. I use both coretemp and real temp, room temp is 25c and the msi Intel extrem tuning shows same temps
  10. Well than yea the numbers don't add up. If the room is 25c and your monitoring software is showing a temperature range of 20-25c it can't possibly be correct. The CPU can't be cooler than the air in the room.
  11. If that's true, what are my options?
  12. I put the thermometer in my case and after 15 minutes the temperature was 22c, I think that it doesn't really affect the cpu temperature my room temperature (looks like the front fan of my case is doing quite a job). Is there any other way through my system to check if cpu temp is ok or there is a problem with the sensor?
  13. I think your probably ok. I have the 4770k in a Haf X case and have been running the stock Intel fan for the past 2 weeks with prime95 max temps at 85 to 90c. Yesterday I switched to the Noctua NH-U12S 120mm fan, and now running prime95, max CPU temps are around 45c. At idle, with the stock fan, i was around 40 to 45c. With the Noctua, i am now between 20 and 25c. Mind you I am not oc, but obviously my sensors are reading correct with such a big difference in readings between the two fans. So to me it doesn't sound impossible, because It sounds like you are relatively close to my readings. I use SpeedFan and AI Suite 3 to monitor my temps, and there is roughly a 3 to 5c difference between the two programs. I plan to oc to around 4,2g in the next couple days, and will let you know what my readings are if you want.
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