Best $30-100 GPUs December 2013

With our attention drawn to the highest end we often forget those who have Very limited budgets or want weak GPUs (like a home theater)

If available always prefer a Passive cooling solution over an active one (like a Fan)

My Goal is to create a user friendly List of the best GPUs for each price Bracket I have listed.

What are the best Gaming GPUs for the EXTREMELY low-end or super limited budget gamers? The price ranges are these:

Nvidia Options

Nvidia $30 9600 GSO

Nvidia $50 9600 GSO

Nvidia $75 GT 640

Nvidia $100 GTX 460

Nvidia $125 GTX 650 Ti Boost 1 GB

Nvidia $150GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB

AMD/Ati Options

AMD $30 Radeon HD 6450

AMD $50 HD 6570 1GB

AMD $75

AMD $100 HD

AMD $125 HD 7790 1GB

AMD $150 HD 7770 2GB

Please supply a link (preferably Newegg or Amazon) and I will gladly update this list to allow people searching for Super Cheap GPUs to find this article.

**Please note: The GPUs must be for sale not discontinued*
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    To be frank, Nvidia's low end offerings are quite inadequate if you don't count the older cards still available

    Some of these prices are after rebates and prices fluctuate all the time, even in the time lapse of one month, please keep that in mind


    $30- 9600 GSO (39 with shipping)

    $50- N/A (9600GSO still superior IMO) unless you want the GT 630 for dx11 compatibility for some reason (Crysis 3 at lowest settings perhaps)

    $75 or around- GT 640 (still not that good)

    $100 or less- GTX 460 on Amazon for around $90 (or the 650 Ti Boost 1GB editions for $115+ or so, not included because they're out of stock at this time)

    $125 or so- GTX 650 Ti Boost (you'd want the 2GB version but as of now only the 1GB are in this price range and is out of stock, too)

    $150 or slightly above with rebates- PNY reference cooler GTX 660


    Nvidia does have some advantages given the amount of older generation cards you could find at lower price points

    $30 or below- generic Radeon 5450/6450 for HD media playback (most integrated GPUs are more powerful)

    $50 or so- Radeon 6570 1GB GDDR3 (GDDR5 version overbudget)

    $75- Radeon 7750 1GB GDDR5 (decent offerings out of stock at the current moment)

    $100- Radeon 7790 1GB (or an assortment of 7770's depending on preference in brand/cooler)

    $125- Radeon 7850 if on special (currently only the 1GB model fits within this price range and we generally recommend the 2GB model)

    $150- Radeon 7870 GHz edition
  2. Hey, I have to ask you this: What is the difference between 9600 GS and GSO?
    if there is no difference then why not a GT 610?
  3. The GT 610 performance wise is a GT 520 and the 9600 is superior to the GT 630 so it would be many times more powerful than the 610

    The only disadvantages of the 9600 GSO are that it's an older card only supporting directx11, and that it consumes a fair bit of power given its older architecture

    I'm not too familiar with Nvidia's naming scheme from back then but the GSO should be slightly quicker than the GS
  4. Anything below the $150 price range just isn't worth the performance per dollar. $150-$300 is the sweet spot.
  5. The only places they would make sense in niche markets would be in rather poorer countries where a pc builder's budget would be severely limited due to a number of socio-economic factors

    If this was aimed at them, we'd need some local sites from those countries
  6. That's rather weird... maybe I didn't have a 9600 :/ From whatever card I had my GT 520 doubled it's performance. Later my GTX 660 Quadrupled my GT's performance.
  7. Perhaps a lower end card such as the 8500/8600 series or a 9400/9500
  8. I think it was a 8600 :/ Oh well it worked well with it's passive cooler :)

    Any cards I could replace on this list that have passive but sameish specs?
  9. There are some passively cooled 7750s I think, there are also a recent crop of r7 240 and 250 cards which are passively cooled, though they are quite more expensive than their usual counterparts

    The 8600 GT had some nice passive coolers, I especially liked the XFX Fatal1ty one

  10. shadow32 said:
    Anything below the $150 price range just isn't worth the performance per dollar. $150-$300 is the sweet spot.
    Some of us don't want to spend that much on a video card. I'm just getting back into PC gaming. I have migrated to the Xbox360 over the years even when I swore I'd never be a console gamer. But I just can't spring for the $500 Xbox One + games, so I'm looking to replace my 8800 GTS (that was cutting edge when I bought it -- yeah, it's been a while) with something around $100 just so I can go back to play some of my old games Fallout 3, Half Life 2, etc. with visual mods that get choked by the 8800. By the time I play "today's" games, they'll be on sale at Steam and hopefully by then I can afford a video card that can run them. So there is a purpose for the cheaper cards for some of us. :)
  11. Actually... I had an MSI 8400 GS with passive cooling... I'm really glad I upgraded :) it runs MC at lowest settings @20 fps. It runs well but is just weak. My siblings can put up with it which I'm fine with. I think whenever it comes to upgrading my personal PC I'll go for a new build atm (besides storage and maybe case)

    The GT 610 is just a re branded GT 520.

    How does those cards compare to an I7's (Haswell) Graphics?

    I wonder if there will be a Passive cooler for an R9 290X :D I'd love to see it... it may even take up 5 slots. Too bad I'm going for G-sync and will not do AMD cards. I'll definitely be missing out on king of budgets.
  12. You'd need a giant tower full of copper heatpipes and fins for that :D

    The Intel Iris Pro 5200 that comes with Haswell is about as powerful as the GT 650M on notebooks which is in turn is between the GT 640 and GTS 450 in terms of performance
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