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I want to get a new 120Hz monitor and i have narrowed it down to 2 but i am unsure of which to choose. I have been looking at the BenQ XL2411T & the Iiyama Prolite GB2773HS-GB1. The Iiyama is £10 cheaper and 3" bigger than the BenQ but i am unsure of which to choose because i have heard loads of good reviews for the BenQ. It is not that i have heard bad reviews about the Iiyama but i just haven't heard many. Could someone please give me some unbiased advise of which monitor to get, taking into account that I'm going to get a 290X to run it so Nvidia 3D Vision is of no use to me.
Here are the two monitors:

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  2. laviniuc said:

    thanks but i was looking for more of a personal opinion because reviews seem to go too in depth about picture quality which from what i have heard isn't the best on most gaming monitors but because the reviewer is saying some negative things about picture quality (colours) it can sometimes put me off buying the monitor i originally wanted
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