Brass Standoffs and my motherboard.

Okay. So after spending $850 on my first custom build, I have finally received my items. However the case one came with 5 brass standoffs in a little bag and none built in. So on a motherboard with 8 holes, and 5 standoffs, what can I do? Is it safe? my specs
I pray someone help me soon, as I dont want my parts just sitting out for the night. I want to get this built, and quite frankly the case is being a hassle to deal with as is.

Help a noobie out?
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    frankly your case should have come with more stand off s....anyhow for the time being you can use four stand off s at the four corners and one near the cpu socket or the 24pin power connector
  2. check your local computer shop they should have some to sell and i would use all of them on the motherboard .
  3. Can also check with friends, especially techie type - they tend to save stuff like that
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