Setting up Multiple Monitors on two GTX 770s

I'm planning on setting up multiple monitors of different sizes, probably having two in total, on my two GTX 770s in SLI (which should be noted that they only have 1 HDMI port each) and I just have a couple questions about it. First, do all the monitors need to be connected to the same type of port? I'm currently running my single monitor out of the HDMI port on the first card, so could I connect the other to another port on the same card or would I have to have them both on the same type of output? This leads into my next question which is, if I were to need to have them on the same output, could I just plug the other monitor into the HDMI port on the second card, or do they need to be on the same card? Finally, what are the types of dual monitor setups? Like i know that the monitors should be the same resolution for applications like gaming or else ill have to downgrade to the res of the smaller one, but I don't know actually the difference between different display setups with two or more monitors. Any other general information i should know would be much appreciated as well. I only ask becasue all I can find is information on eyefinity and I know that's AMDs platform so i just wanted to know if Nvidia worked any differently.

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    It's better if u connect to same port.....becz people r facing problems by using "Adapters"

    In SLI u can use only 1 card Multi-Monitor display
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