First time PC build. Wondering where my HDD goes.

I am building my first computer and I have successfully installed the Motherboard, Fan, CPU and GFX card. I am now ready to install the HDD but I cannot seem to find where it goes. My case in an Antec ONE Gaming Series. And the HDD I have is the Seagate Barracude 1TB. I cannot seem to find where the drive fits and have looked at the User Manual to see where it is supposed to go. And it still fits no where. Is this because I have the Bare drive and need a loading bay of some sorts? Below are some pictures I took.

Thanks for reading and please comment if you have any advice! Thanks :)
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  1. on the drive you need to put the plastic drive rails with the pins in. the drive should have the pcb facing up and the plugs for data and power on the end where you sqeeze the clip in. the drive slides into the 3.5 inch rails on the other side of the fixed drive bay. in the photo online the drive bay is that fancy metal inside the case near the front of it. if you look on the side that faces the back of the mb you see 5 sets of rails. these are for the hard drive to slide into. then the cable for power and data fix next to the back rails.,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNFuIOlb4NQ0Uz7Z2LiepctKo0YjSw&ust=1387498355153904
  2. I can't seem to determine where the rails are. Do they completely slide out? Because I may be missing them, do you see them in he picture?
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    there should be a set of ten of them in the parts back they look like black tung depressors with two pins in them. one of them goes on each side of the drive and is held in by the pin.
    rails are those short plastic parts that sit on the side of the hard drive.
  4. hah! Found them. Thanks so much dude/madam ;)
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