T-shirt as dust filter.

I just built a new computer and realized that my three intake fans don't have dust filters. Mainly, I have two questions. 1: Do I need dust filters? 2: If I do, can I use a thin cloth like an old white undershirt?

I have two 135mm front intake fans and one 230mm side intake fan. The front two have a multi-layer mesh-type covering and the side fan has a generic mesh covering.

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  1. you don't need filters, but if you want them, you can buy some. do not use a tshirt thou, it will block airflow and your system will overheat.
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    well dust filters are nice to have it helps to protect your system from bugs or excessive dust build up. i wouldnt use a t-shirt i would use something like.. this
  3. on a side note you mainly want to use them on intakes where air is being pulled in instead of out..
  4. Filters are great, just remember they too need cleaning and they do reduce airflow to an extent.

    Some users just use just no filters and clean the system from time to time. I did that for years. Even with filters, dust will still get in because most computer filters are like a screen and small stuff still finds its way in.

    An old shirt would be very restrictive to most computer fans.
  5. I never use filters only on my psus do i use the pull out screens on my case. The rest i removed for more airflow.

    Every time i open it its alwYs very clean but its also sitting ontop of my desk. Underneath will draw tons more in.
  6. I actually cut the screens out of my Fractal Define R2, but my media center being on all the time(clearly not on the ground) gets plenty of dust in the filter. It started without it as well, but I put it back in.

    I find that pulling air directly from the bottom of a case, even on a desk, gets much more dust than the front. I do not think dust can be fully avoided. The less air you need to cool a system, the less dust you pull into it :)
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