What is the best mouse for large hands?

I have been thinking about getting a gaming mouse for once and I have done some research but I still cannot decide what to get. I have hands that are definitely quite large, at least compared to many of my friends and family. Just to give you an idea of their size, they measure about 8 inches from the tip of my middle finger to the bottom of my palm/top of my wrist. I am coming from a logitech m510 used with claw grip which is the only way I can use it.

It seems the deathadder is a very popular choice among gamers but I just have a bad feeling getting a razer product because there are many reports of their products breaking and failing within only a year or two. Are these claims consistently true, and what would be a next best option if they are?

I have considered the deathadder, the corsair m65, the logitech g500s and a few others.

Note: I am not looking for 15 buttons on the mouse but I would prefer to have slightly more than just 2 thumb buttons, which is another reason why I'm apprehensive about the simplistic deathadder. On the fly dpi change is also a very nice feature.
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    Logitec G600 /700 would be good also...
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    there you go.


    all joking aside....

    the razer deathadder is a nice mouse. it runs a bit on the large size so average sized hands can palm it pretty comfortably. from tip of finger to bottom of palm i measure 7 1/2 inches and the mouse is very comfortable. better than all the other mice i've tried at least.

    i would suggest the older version (which had the blue glowing led light) not the new 2013 (green light) or black ver. basically because the old ver has drivers still and doesnt use synapse (which blows).

    i havent had any issues with it breaking and mine is at least 3 years old now if not a bit more.

    while true that the deathadder is limited to 2 extra side buttons they are very easy to use and are some of the best placed/sized buttons i've used on a mouse so far. at least for my playstyle..

    the mice from corsair and logitech are also worth looking into.
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