Is my Pc build good enough yet?

Well i just wanted to ask all of you if my Computer Build is good enough?

1.Fx 8350
2.gtx 660 sc
3.16 gb ram 1600
4.750 wat power supply cm chrosair
5.asus chrosair v formala z
6.1tb harddrive

sorry about my spelling its late and im tired. ohh and by good enough...well enough to run newest games with out aa and every thing else pretty high...i run a 1680 by 1580 res any how so thanks
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  1. Looks good to me, but you may want to get a cooler master hyper 212 evo or liquid cooler for the fx8350.
  2. im sorry i ment to say i have a liquid cooler allready its the water 2.0 extreme but my gpu runs rather tosty for some reason i had to mod my bios on the gpu to unlock the fan control to 100 so it wont go over 55
  3. you could swap out the 660 for a 270x which is better if i remember right and do you need the 16bg ram and that high end mobo? unless you plan for some major oc and like some of the features
  4. yes i do ...i use maya and 3ds max and that ram HELPS alot oh and some video editing some times ...and some photo shop work for school i take digtal arts so its like a work computer and a gaming computer
  5. ohhhh ok makes sense now :P
  6. but any how is it good enough? for a few years? im going to sli sooner or later i know i could just get a single but i allways wanted to sli so i want to sli the gtx 660 sc
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    I would say you are good for at least 4 years. With that type of muscle hardware, it will lift with its pinky finger.
  8. XD lol well at least i did not spend my checks on nothing...iv been having fun playing batman orgins and tomb raider
  9. i have the same build cept i have a 280x and less ram but faster. im loving it and i still havnt beat arkham city. im in the process off it haha
  10. sooo :,(
    lol XD
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