will this graphics card fit in my case?

I have an antec 300 right now, and I REALLY WANT TO fit this card in my case.
It says that it is 11" is the maximum length for a gpu in my case. However, I was wondering if this would still fit. Thanks!
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    it will if you keep the hdd cage clear
  2. Is this fine? I know cable management is bad but I can clean that up when I get the new card.,owVQM6a
  3. yes you will be fine...and indeed you are in need of some cable management

    cheers :)
  4. Thanks. I was just nervous because the specs said that I could fit an 11 inch maximum card in there, and this was 11.2. (it was 5 millimeters over). I sure hope it works! If not I'll drill into the case to make it fit.
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