Monitor Loses Signal after Windows Logo Appears

Hello all, I have a fairly new computer and this started happening to me after I installed a new graphics card on my computer and have been searching for a solution to no avail.

When I try to start up my computer the screen goes blank right after the windows logo appears and the monitor says it isn't receiving a signal from my computer. I can run my computer in safe mode just fine but not normally.

PC info:
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Intel Core i5-2400 CPU
4 GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD 7850
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  1. Try plugging your monitor cable into your motherboard video output. I came across a friends computer that BIOS'd out of the graphics card then outputted from the mobo after getting to windows. It was a while ago but I think the setting was somewhere in BIOS, if this is the same as your problem that is :P.

    Also check your drivers! After reading your post properly ( ;)) I'd say it could be down to that. Do a complete removal of the old one and put the new one on after a restart.
  2. Tried I tried plugging it in through the motherboard output, and the screen didn't recognize it all so that didn't work. It only seems to register video coming from the output on the graphics card. I even tried just using the regular blue cable and the screen is still blank.

    I tried installing the AMD driver (Catalyst Control Center) but when I tried to do it in safe mode I got the message "failed to load detection driver" I looked into it and apparently you can install the drivers in safe mode. Any way to get around that?

    EDIT: Ok so I was able to get windows started normally and get the drivers installed by going in the BIOS settings and changing the primary video adapter to the Integrated Graphics device (it was originally set to auto) and setting the IGD to always enabled in the video configuration menu. I then went back and set everything back to normal and I still get a blank screen after the windows logo even with my drivers cleanly installed.
  3. What graphics card did you have before? Was it AMD or nVidia?
  4. This computer didn't have a graphics card before, It just used Intel Graphics
  5. Hmmm sorry I've not got a clue why thats happening. Are you able to test it in someone elses computer to see if you can isolate the fault down to the graphics card.
  6. Okay well thanks for trying to help! I'll try testing it on someone else's computer when I get a chance or I may just take it to a shop. I may just be the card though which really sucks, but I'm pretty sure I have tried everything you could possibly try including re-installing windows to still get the same result. On some occasions the screen would flicker with static for a moment before going off completely which at first made me think it was because of the PSU but I had just installed a new 550W one that should be able to sustain it.
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    The fact that you lose video as soon as the GPU driver gets loaded tells me that the Intel Integrated Graphics Processor driver is being loaded.

    Have you tried booting in Safe Mode? That should use the default Microsoft video driver. Once you're in Safe Mode try uninstalling the Intel IGP driver.
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