First Boot, No VGA on MoBo, Monitor says to "Plug Power into Graphics Card" Despite being powered

I'm extremely knew to hardware, and I built my first computer. I have nothing to hear the beeps after booting. Everything is on, and theres no VGA on the motherboard so to get to bios I have no choice but to use the graphics card (MSI 780) But the screen says to plug power into the graphics card, despite being powered. I was told I need drivers to fix that, but I can't even get to bios. Specs are:
AMD 8350fx CPU
MSI GeForce 780 GPU
MSI 990FXA-GD80 V2 MoBo.
Kingston HyperX Predator Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
120gb Samsung SSD,
Western Digital WD Green WD10EZRX 1TB
730W PSU
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  1. Make sure all power cables are connected properly. Unplug and take a look at the pins in the PCIe power cable. None should be missing or recessed (deeper inside than normal)
  2. This may be obvious, but they are referring to the 2 - 6 or 8 pin power connectors on the end of the GPU. Drivers will not fix the power to the GPU! The GPU will work just fine for non-gaming with the standard Windows driver. There is the remote possibility the GPU is defective. DO you know anyone that has a spare GPU you could borrow, anything will work as long as it is PCIe. Here is list of things to check:
  3. I know its probably not getting the right power. theres an 8 pin inlet and a 6 pin inlet. Does that mean that both have to by plugged in? Using the 6-8 pin adapter that came with it does nothing, Using the 6 pin combined with the keyed 2 pin (on the 8 pin inlet) that is on the PSU cable does nothing either.

    Neither does using JUST the 6 pin.
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    All pin holes must be filled.
  5. huilun02 said:
    All pin holes must be filled.

    I very much appreciate it. As soon as I can help others I'll pay it forward.
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