How should I mount my case fans + water cooler fans?

So... I will be having LOTS of fans total. I'll try to explain to you as best I can. Starting from the front there's a 200mm fan. We'll call this "Front 1". On the top there are 2, 200mm fans. We will call these "Top 1" and "Top 2". On the side there is a 200mm fan. Lets call this "Side 1". As for the rear, there is a 140mm fan. Lets call that "Rear 1". Next, we have a fan that fits ON TOP of my SLI gpus. Lets call this fan "GPU Fan 1" and finally, we have the water cooler. 2 on top of the rad and 2 below. Lets call these "WC Top 1/2" and "WC Bottom 1/2" what direction do i mount all these fans for optimal air flow? sorry if this is confusing, I just really need help. Here's all the fans listed to make things easier:

Top 1
Top 2
Front 1
Side 1
Rear 1
GPU fan 1
Water cooler rad top 1
Water cooler rad top 2
Water cooler rad bottom 1
Water cooler rad bottom

Here's the case:
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  1. Assuming you intend to mount the radiator in the top of your case (you didn't specify a size of location for this, but it's fairly safe to assume it's a 240mm) then you need to remove both of the 200mm fans you intend to have there, they won't fit with the radiator in place. As I understand it, the HAF X comfortably fits a 240mm rad up there, so that is your radiator and 4 fans supporting it, they should exhaust out of the top of the case.

    The case fans are relatively self explanatory, the front fan is an intake, the rear is an exhaust.
    From what I can tell the HAF X only has provision for a single side fan (above the graphics card area) and that would be an intake too. I'm not sure where your "GPU fan" sits in the case, or if it's being muddled with the side fan.

    Basically, you need at least two less fans than you think.
  2. Alright so, forget the 2 fans at the top? Okay, done. And so for the radiator fans at the top, do have those pulling air in? How about the ones on the bottom of the radiator? And also, the gpu fan is this little "tray" thing that mounts over 2 gpus and holds an 80 mm fan.

    But if I have the side fan, front fan, and the water cooler taking in air, wouldn't that just leave a bunch of stagnant hot air? Or would one exhaust fan be enough to clear it all out
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    I think the GPU fan is pointless, as far as I can tell. It's a pretty small fan, and hovering directly above it (on the side of the case) is the side fan, which has much better coverage. I doubt it'll do much at all.

    The front and sides are intakes, and the rear+top are exhausts.
    The radiator at the top doesn't pull any air in, it draws air from the main section of the case, through the radiator and out of the top section.
  4. Okay so I'll have 2 intakes - front and side. Exhaust will be rear and water cooler?
  5. Yeah, it's the standard way to mount a radiator in most cases.
  6. Alright, much appreciated!
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