Fx 6300 oc and gtx 760 on a 520w psu?

Hi, so i brought a gtx 760 dcu2 oc and have an fx 6300 and purchased a motherboard that i want to overclock on (GA 990FXA-UD3). Can i run 4 fans, noctua cpu cooler, fx 6300 oc (to 4.2?) the 760, a couple hard drives and an ssd off this? i live in new zealand and can pick this up for $89, which isnt too bad. I dont care about the cables as i can cable manage. Is this able to run it all? I found a psu calc and did what i wanted with like 7 fans, 4 hdds and a couple ssds and got to 490w, but i would like some opinions from you all on here. Cheers for any replies!
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    short answer : YES
    the psu has very good reputation
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, ill go buy it :)
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