More SLI GPU-Driver crashing again......

Last week I had a thread running about crashing to black screen/no DVI, but after thoroughly testing both cards individually in both slots and not coming across any issues, I put them back into SLI.

The system ran fine after this for 5 days of basic Windows stuff and gaming(Civ 5, AC4). Last night, the whole issue started up again.

When I got the black screen this time and rebooted, I took the DVI cable and moved it to the DVI-D port, which gave me a message I have never seen before basically stating "power down the system, connect power cables to the card and reboot. So now I'm thinking there is a power issue going on?

But until last night, the original crash issue always happened when SLI was on. Now it can crash with SLI off, but the interesting thing was that I was connected to the top card when I got that power message, yet, I just did a test with the top card's power cables untouched, BUT the bottom card's power cables removed. Also, removed the SLI bridge. Booted up and the system has been stable for a good hour.

Now since I tested both cards individually using both sets of power cables, both PCIe slots, can I safely assume this is either a bad SLI Bridge or a bad power supply starting to fail. I mean it's a Corsair 1200w from 3 years ago when I had dual 580's, but perhaps it's dying? I mean 1200w should provide enough overhead for my system, right? Any thoughts are welcome.....

***also, how much does it matter that in the EVGA Precision app, card #1 shows a millivolt of 887 while card #2 show 861mv.

System: Air cooled Haf-X tower
Z68 AsRock Fatality Gen 3
Intel Ivy i7 3770K 3.5
16 Gb Corsair Dominator 1866
2x EVGA GTX 780 3Gb
Creative Labs ZxR
Samsung Evo 750 SSD
300Gb Velociraptor for iTunes music
500Gb data drive
Asus 2560x1440 27" monitor
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  1. can u tell the Power supply model? full Name
  2. gokul36 said:
    can u tell the Power supply model? full Name

    I was able to pull back the HAF-X case's P/S sleeve a bit to see the side of the power supply. It's a Corsair AX1200. The "AX" is printed in gold and as I mentioned this is the original power supply from when this system was built some 3 years ago. I was running dual 580's back then on a 24" 1080 monitor.

    The crashes have been coming ever since I moved up to a 27" 2560x1440 monitor. I have ordered a new SLI bridge and I will very soon buy a new power supply just to see if that improves the situiation. Other than that, last night everything ran fine again, but I left the case open and ran more stress testing. The cards sat arounf 28-30 degrees at idle and low to mid 60's on test load, so I don't think it's a thermal issue.....
  3. your current power supply is more than enough
    it is "Platinum certification"

    Update lastest graphic card drivers
  4. gokul36 said:
    your current power supply is more than enough
    it is "Platinum certification"

    Update lastest graphic card drivers

    I was originally on the latest BETA from Nvidia when the crashes started. I uninstalled and "clean" installed the WHQL version just below the BETA, even doing a custom install not choosing the 3D drivers, HD audio drivers or the Nvidia Experience. Just the card and physX driver. Still get crashes.

    That power message I got once has me concerned that the P/S is somehow failing. I have put the cards through their paces and the seem fine individually. I'm left with questioning if the P/S is up to the task any longer.
  5. dont download BETA version
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