OC Fx6300 or buy an FX8320?

If I oc I'd need to buy a brand new mobo and cpu cooler and possibly a new case so it will pretty much cost as much as a 8320.

Would it be better to just go ahead and upgrade the cpu then OC in a year or two when need be?

Rig is purely for gaming experiencing bottleneck with an oc'ed 280x on some games.
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    for gaming get "FX-8320" it has 8 cores and rate between these 2 s various slightly

    so i suggest u to get FX-8320
  2. depending on what games the 6300 is bottlenecking if they are mmo's than fx8320 wont make any difference whatsoever its just to slow on single threaded applications
  3. go for FX-8320.
    it will be future proof.
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