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how much is the price of the vaio svf15a18cxb laptop.i really need it badly.thank you in advance

My friend in the usa bought me a sony vaio svf15a18cxb laptop from bestbuy.And he asked me to pay the amount with out showing me the invoice.I couldnt find the price from the bestbuy website since it is out of stock.I really need it badly.If any one knows I could use great help from,I would really appreciate it.Thank you in advance.
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    Are you sure you guys are friends?

    Many laptops have OPTIONS for different configurations such as the VIDEO GPU, or RAM memory amount so keep that in mind.

    It's listed here as $1400 but again pay careful attention to the CPU, GPU and other specs:

    In particular, this has a 735M GPU which is the biggest part of the cost.
  2. Thank you for answering it deeply.Fortunately mine is with the same configuration as in the link you gave me.But Could you find me another link just for me to be sure Please.I would really appreciate it.Thanks
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