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I have 2 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit systems. One has a 100MB System Reserved partition & the other does not. I would like some advice on whether that 100MB partition is something I should have on the system that does not currently have it. If so, HOW can I get that partition on that system with all of the stuff that's supposed to be there?

Both systems were installed from the same DVD if that matters. Thank you for any advice.
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  1. the 100 mb reserved partition is something that the installation wizard itself creates when your installing Os on an unallocated space,, if there is a partition already and if you choose to install on that same partition then you may not get the reserved partition option.
  2. I understand that part, but is there a way to install it after Windows is already installed? Can/should I copy if from another system or is it too hard &/or dangerous to do that? Should I just leave things alone? Basically, I'm trying to understand if this is going to come back to get me down the road or something.

    I've had Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installed on one of my systems for about 3 years or so & until now that I'm saying this... I've not had any need to use it. At least not that I know of. It may be doing something every time my system boots up.

    Anyway, further clarification & information would be most helpful.
  3. That is the Windows boot partition. It is not required unless already present on the hard drive.

    The files it contains are critically important for the system to boot correctly.

    The files on the machine which doesn't have the boot partition are integrated into the Windows partition ( C: ).

    There is no advantage to having or not having the boot partition. Windows will operate the same way with or without.
  4. The reserved partition would only hold the booting information like MBR etc etc if the other system is booting fine , then it shouldnt be an issue at all
  5. That partion is only created on a new HDD in order to keep the system files located at the center of the HDD so that it makes access faster for booting and The only time it is actually needed is if you are using BITLOCKER to encrypt the HDD as the Bitlocker startup files needed for encrypting the HDD will be stored on it. - if you install to an already fully partitioned HDD it will not be created. So if you already have the OS installed on the system and the 100mb partition does not exist you do not need to create it as the files are already in the installed partition.
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    ....The only time it is actually needed is if you are using BITLOCKER to encrypt the HDD....

    Not entirely correct. When present, the reserved partition also contains the recovery console. It should also be pointed out that removing, or installing without the reserved partition is an expressly unsupported configuration.
  7. ex_bubblehead said:
    It should also be pointed out that removing, or installing without the reserved partition is an expressly unsupported configuration.

    Ahhh, NOW we're getting somewhere. Thank y'all for your replies & info. If I've unknowingly installed the OS using an "unsupported configuration", that's something I need to know. That said, now that I HAVE installed the OS using an unsupported configuration, is there anything reasonable I can do to correct my mistake? Obviously I can wipe the drive & reinstall the OS, but that will set me back quite a way & set me up for MANY hours of work.

    Like I said, if anyone has a "reasonable" solution, I'd love to hear it. If my current HDD config is just a problem in Microsoft's "personal opinion, but it's not going to cause me any technical problems down the road, is there any reason I shouldn't just leave it the way it is (besides being on 'the Lamb' from the OS Police, that is...)?

    Again, THANK YOU for clarification on this.
  8. Reinstalling would be a best option according to me,because in future if you have to use the recovery console then you will directed to put in the os disc for any kind of troubleshooting .. If anyone has created a reserved partition post the os installation and if the os worked fine after that , pls do share
  9. Yes. PLEASE do let me know. I, of course, don't want problems with my system, but I certainly don't want to have to reinstall the OS & 100 programs that I've installed, licensed & setup either. IFF there's a way around THAT, I'd love to know about it. I did see somebody on this site provided a link in another post to an article on how to REMOVE the partition, so maybe somebody will provide something on how to set one up or copy one from another drive or something.

    I pulled the HDD out of another system & plugged it into my SATA to USB converter so I could see what's on the drive. Then I turned on the setting to be able to see system files & I have to say, I was quite surprised at how MANY files & folders are on the 100MB partition. Memtest is also on there.

    Anyway, thank you for providing assistance. I sure hope somebody has an way to put that partition on the drive. I guess it's time to start using Google to search for an answer...
  10. Quote:
    ....I sure hope somebody has an way to put that partition on the drive.

    Can't create one after the fact, it has to be done during initial installation.
  11. Thanks for all the great info. My current system backup method is disc cloning. With my Windows systems I can use the built in "System Restore" feature for short term problems, so I can quickly roll back my system to an hour ago or some time before I hosed something up & I use the cloned disc for major problems. That way I can be back in the game quickly. I just have to remember to clone my boot drive every week or so.

    I guess this is "Solved"....
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