I have heard bad reviews about MSI 970A-G46 mother board need a verdict...

I am planning to assemble a PC configurations as follows,
AMD FX-8320
Corsair vengeance 8GB RAM
MSI 970A-G46 motherboard
Nvidia GTX 650 TI boost edition
1TB seagate barracuda Harddrive
and a 600 watt cooler master PSU
(1) I have heard some bad reviews about motherboard wanted to ask if it is good or should i change it??
(2) Also this motherboard doesn't have a VGA connector, i already have a monitor.... How do i connect it to the Board...... as i was planning on buying Graphics Card after a month or 2, budget issues.......
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  1. There's a discussion here, including links, for your review.


    The CPU doesn't have graphics "built-in", nor does the motherboard have a graphics solution on it. Therefore, no need for any connector to a monitor. You may have already excluded this motherboard, as it will not accomplish the task of connecting to a monitor, unless you purchase a graphics card.
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