AMD phenom ii x4 955 1.380v is this normal


I have a question regarding my processor its a AMD phenom ii x4 955 C3.
Since i made a upgrade to the bios of the mobo the normal voltage from the cpu went to 1.320 to 1.380.
is this normal?
The processor is not overclocked or anything.
The mobo: Asus M5A97.
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  1. I guess it is normal since my phenom ii was default at 1.45v.
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    often times motherboard vendors will adjust the voltage a bit compared to standard, usually though they do it the other way around to increase stability.

    i keep one of those at 1.2v running stable no problems so there's nothing to worry about. if you have no intentions to overclock you could try 1.2-1.3 too, it will keep the temperatures lower.
  3. i understand, thank you for the answer.
  4. thanks
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