RAM high latency problem Crucial PC3-12800 1.5V 1x8GB DDR3

I have run a ram benchmark and it shows a terrible latency of my RAM stick. The model is Crucial BLS8G3D1609DS1S00. 8GB - runned on Gigabite GA-78LMT-USB3 rev 5.0 with FX-6300. Results of the test show that the latency of my ram is 63-70 ns. Also mbytes/sec of write and read for it are very poor. I tried to switch the slots on my mb but that didnt help at all. I know that I messed it up and should have bought 2x4GB stick for dual channel support but I think it isn't the cause for such a poor performance. On the website with benchmarks there are availible some other peoples' test to look at, and as you can see for FX processors my ram model is giving this low perf.:
Do you guys have any clues on how to fix that?
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    Its pretty simple to fix, buy an intel rig. The memory performance for AMD has been terribly behind for over 5 years now. I can run a sandy bridge i3 with 1333 mzh cl9 memory and beat an 8350 with 1866 cl 8 memory in most memory latency benchmarks. Benchmarks aren't that important but an amd rig will always be well behind when it comes to benchies... btw have you actually set up the memory? I'm sure its still running at the default of either 1600 cl 11 or 1333 cl9 if you didn't manually change the settings (either enable DOCP/EOCP/XMP, or manually set 1600 with cl9 settings on stick)
  2. I checked some other benchies for other RAM sticks and clearly.. all the amd processors fail in latency and mbytes per sec tests. For my next rig i'll surely choose intel processor. thanks for quick respond
  3. I'm not saying that the AMD rig has anything wrong with it or that those benchmarks mean anything in the real world you were just asking how to fix the latency and I said build and intel rig as it is the only way to fix it. Who knows how things will play out in a few months? Though I guess the FX line is supposed to be dead, the APU line already supports 2133 memory which the FX line doesnt
  4. the thing is Im planning to complete a new computer set in few months thats why I said i would choose some i5 or i7. I know that computers market is changing every day and you never know how things may play out in half-a-year time. Im still a fan of amd - and I hope it will regain its previous market share in the future
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