Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro Noisy Fans

I have a Thermaltake Water 3.0 Pro water cooler on a recent build I did, but the fans are constantly changing speeds and sound like a R/C airplane taking off. They are loud!
Is there anything I can do to make it quieter? Like put different fans on?

The cooler seems to be doing a pretty effective job, as my 8350 is averaging about 15 degrees C.

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    I have this as well on one PC. First - the fans that come with it are not the quietest. If you want it to be really quiet you will need to invest in new fans. Second, make sure the fans are plugged into a fan power port you can control, either through the motherboard utilities or via some other sort of fan controller.

    What I did, using the stock fans, was plug the fans into motherboard ports which I could configure a custom fan curve on. In this case the gigabyte motherboard. Once I did this, I kept my overclock to a minimum and set the fans to lower speeds at lower temps and limited the fastest speed they could run at. This made it quieter for me.

    If I was truly looking for the quietest operation, I would replace the fans with SP120 (quiet edition) fans or Noctua fans. I was more interested in doing this build for my nephew and giving him the cool factor of water cooling at the best price, so I kept the stock fans. The trade off with single 120mm size radiators is that you need to run the fans faster for equivalent cooling to the larger radiators in order to get lower priced water cooling. The cooler works great, but it will never be as quiet as a H100i or similar.
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